Vampire! Todoroki x Human! Reader: Vampire Shield part 35
Vampire! Todoroki x Human! Reader: Vampire Shield part 35 vampire todoroki stories

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He had come back...

Vampire! Todoroki x Human! Reader: Vampire Shield part 35

🔥Todoroki POV❄️ I would always protect her... Always... I made a promise and I'll never break it... Never... ~~~TIMESKIP (4 hours ;-;)~~~ 💙Y/N POV🤍 It had been 5 hours since the battle had been going on. The sun was already starting to set. You wanted this to end already.

You wanted to see Todoroki by you again. You didn't want to be without him. It seemed that the villain was a lot stronger than the others, because it had been hours since the battle started... Right when you were about to go to your room, you heard the front door open. You turned around and saw Todoroki. You went running to him and hugged him and he hugged you back. You were so happy he was okay...

He had come back and he and the other vampires had defeated the villain after hours of battle... After a while of hugging, he went to his room and changed. When he came back, he took your hand and lead you to his room. When you got to his room, he sat on the bed and patted the spot next to him. After you sat next to him, he cleared his throat a bit. "Um- I-" he seemed to not know what to say so you waited patiently.

🔥Todoroki POV❄️ "Um- I-" I wanted to tell Y/N something but I couldn't... I started to think of a way to say this to her. "I- I love you-" I told her and she smiled and hugged me. "I love you too" she told me. I smiled a bit and hugged her again... I've felt feelings for her since the second month I brought her here... 💙Y/N POV🤍

Whenever you heard Todoroki say that, you blushed a bit and smiled. You hugged him again and you were very happy that he said this. You've loved him for a long time... Maybe from the first or second month he brought you here. You looked at Todoroki's face and he seemed very happy. You were happy as well... To be continued...

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