Vampire! Todoroki x Human! Reader: Vampire Shield part 19
Vampire! Todoroki x Human! Reader: Vampire Shield part 19 feelings stories

mizukiashni_16 Chuuya kinnie
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This part might be a bit sad. I got the ideas of some parts from a video I watched.
The link to the video I watched:

Vampire! Todoroki x Human! Reader: Vampire Shield part 19

🔥Todoroki POV❄️

I went outside of the mansion gates and saw the silhouette Y/N told me about. This was the vampire villain. He was back to get Y/N. I had to protect Y/N at all costs...

Even if I have to sacrifice myself for her... I motioned the other vampires to come. I saw Y/N standing inside the mansion looking at me scared.

The other small group of vampires stayed with her just in case there were other villains. "Give her to me" the vampire villain told us. "No. She's staying with us" I told him back.

We all took a fighting stance. "So you want to fight" he said. "If it means protecting her, then yes" I told him.

This was it...

The battle that would most likely end this...

Was about to start...


You were inside and heard something, like a fight was going on. You were worried about Todoroki. He was in that fight right now. You kept asking yourself in your mind a lot of questions.

Would Todoroki win the battle? Would the vampire villain beat them and get you again? Would you be safer if the vampires who were protecting you beat the villain?

You tried to answer the questions in your mind, but there was a chance either of them could win.

🔥Todoroki POV❄️

We were starting to get a bit weak from fighting for so long. Even if we got weak, we would continue fighting for the safety of Y/N...

No matter what...

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