Vampire! Todoroki x Human! Reader: Vampire Shield part 18
Vampire! Todoroki x Human! Reader: Vampire Shield part 18 vampire villain stories

mizukiashni_16 Chuuya kinnie
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I was typing a sentence of this story and it almost made me cry, because I remembered a video that I watched called "Lost With Hope" (the link is on one of my first posts) and a part of the story made me remember it.

Vampire! Todoroki x Human! Reader: Vampire Shield part 18

🔥Todoroki POV❄️

After we left the place, we went back to the mansion. I had told Midoriya that we would go back to the mansion. I put Y/N in her room on the bed and bandaged her neck.

I felt this feeling for her...

I really don't know what this feeling is...

It's a good feeling...

I'll find out someday....

I went and told the others what had really happened, and they started to make the security around the mansion safer and stronger in case the vampire villain comes back another day.

🌞~~~TIMESKIP (a couple of hours)~~~🌛


You woke up in your room in the mansion. You were still confused of why one of the werewolves had come to save you and then Todoroki picked you up. Someone opened the door and it was Todoroki.

"Are you feeling okay?" Todoroki asked you. "Yeah, I'm better" you answered him. "I was going to tell you why one of the werewolves went to save you" he told you. "Oh, ok" you said.

"He went to save you because I made a deal with them" he told you. "Oh" you said. You started thinking that Todoroki would do anything to save you.

🌞~~TIMESKIP (3 weeks)~~🌛


You were outside in the garden when you heard a rustling of leaves outside of the mandion fence. You looked to see where it was coming from. You saw a silhouette. It was looking directly at you.

You got shivers up your spine and then, you ran inside of the mansion. "Where's Todoroki?" you asked Uraraka. "He's in his room" she told you. You went to his room and told him.

His eyes widened. He went outside of his room and told you to stay in the mansion behind the vampires, in case the vampire villain comes in.

🔥Todoroki POV❄️

I went outside of the mansion gates and saw the silhouette Y/N told me about. This was the vampire villain. He was back to get Y/N. I had to protect Y/N at all costs...

Even if I have to sacrifice myself for her...


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