The Dinner
The Dinner mystery stories

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Screenplay mystery

The Dinner

At Ratatouille Restaurant, Alabama –Night

John walks in with a bouquet in his hands. Emily looks at him and her cheeks turn red. John: Flowers for my precious lady. Emily (blushing): Thanks babe!

John: You look really adorable. I hope you didn't have to wait for long. Emily: Not at all. But where were you anyway? John: Sparks called up. There's a high profile case that has come up. Emily: High profile case huh?

John: Yeah, a big shot is involved. Anyway, let it be. No more talk about cases. It's our time right now. Emily: Sure. John signals the waiter and he appears with a bottle of wine. He pours the wine in two glasses. Waiter: Sir, are you ready to order yet?

John: Oh yes! Give us a moment. (Looking towards Emily) What would you like to have dear? Emily: I would have one Ratatouille in Cheese Garlic Sauce and a Loaded Nachos. Waiter: How about you sir? John: Okay. I would have Mushrooms grilled in garlic sauce. Waiter: Sure. Your order will be served within few minutes. (smiling)

The waiter leaves. The couple resumes their conversation. Emily: I received a call from mom today. They're planning to fly down tomorrow and are about to stay for a week. John: Oh! Emily (questioningly): You don't seem happy about it. Is there something wrong?

John (hesitating while gathering the courage to speak): No! It's not like that. But the case I just told you about will involve dangers we have never come across. Those coming here mean we will have to upgrade their protection as well. Emily: Do you want me to ask them to cancel?

John: If you can..... Emily: Fine. I'll do that. The waiter comes up with their order. As he leaves after serving, Emily notices a man staring at them from the side table. Emily (clearing her throat and signaling John): Did you start your study on the case?

Emily : Your news of handling the case has reached the world before you. I think you're being followed. John : You think so ? Emily's face turns pale as she looks in her plate. Before John can say anything, she shouts.

Emily : WAITER ! WHERE'S THE WAITER ? John : What happened Emily ? What's so wrong ?

Emily points towards her plate and even John is astonished. Everyone looks at them as the waiter arrives. Waiter: Yes, ma'am. Emily : HOW CAN YOU SERVE SUCH FOOD ? IS THIS HOW YOUR RESTAURANT WORKS ?

Waiter : I'm extremely sorry madame. I don't know how that finger got in there. (Loud gasp among the other customers. ) John : You should pay attention when serving. Waiter : I'm sorry sir. I really don't know how it got in there. Emily (trying to calm herself): Then who knows ?

Waiter : I'm sorry madam. I'll get it changed. Please don't complain to my manager. Emily wanted to venge her anger but John held her hand. John : Let's leave. It's not his fault. Emily : What do you mean ?

John : Do as I say for now. Emily shrugs and walks along with him towards the parking . John : I understand your anger. But it was not him. It was the other man whom you saw staring. Emily : What about him ?

John : You were right. He left as soon as you called for the waiter. Emily : So you mean it was some kind of signal for us ? John : Yes. There was a direct sign as well. He takes out a tissue from his pocket and shows to Emily. Emily : It says, " Leave the case." So all this was for the case ?

John : Seems so. Emily : This really seems dangerous, John. Going to such an extent. John : I know. I'll ask the headquarters and arrange for your security . Emily : Before that, you must ensure about your security as well. This all is very frightening. John : Relax ! I can handle it. They both sit in the car and drive towards home. 

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