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misunderstood Stayin Alive
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Why I think you should keep living


Do you know how many billions of years this Earth has worked to make you?

When it was created, our planet contained no living beings

The first single celled organisms appeared a few hundred million years later

Three billion years after that

Dinosaurs walked the Earth

Fast forward 230 million years

The first human planted his feet on the ground

What if I told you that if we were to reduce the existence of Earth down to one year

Humans would only be alive for the last two minutes of December 31st

Whereas dinosaurs existed for four days

Humans have lived for two minutes while dinosaurs existed for four whole days

Do you feel small and insignificant yet?

Well don’t

You are made of hydrogen and old star materials


If that isn’t incredible enough

You are the universe come to consciousness

You are made of the universes materials yet here you are, observing the universe itself

You are thinking about what made you

You are able to observe yourself and your surroundings

So don’t waste this

Don’t waste this chance to be conscious

Don’t stop learning about yourself, the world around you, and where you came from

You are uniquely human

And uniquely incredible

Because the universe created you

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