The Power of Being Vulnerable
The Power of Being Vulnerable alone stories

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A look into being open

The Power of Being Vulnerable

My heart broke once

When my mother told me she had breast cancer

I remember how she told me

She gave me the “we need to talk” look and she sat me down on the couch,

She grabbed my hands, looked into my eyes and said the dreaded words

“I have breast cancer”

She got the surgery to remove her infected lymph nodes a few days after

We arrived at the hospital and when it was time for her to be escorted into surgery, her eyes hung onto mind, a sign of strength

We were allowed to visit her after surgery

I showed up in my sequin gold dance team dress

The dreary white walls of the hospital room seemed to juxtapose the golden light reflecting off of me

My voice echoed through the room reminding me of how alone I was

My mother was unresponsive

Her eyes hung heavy, tubes dangled from her nostrils

This woman, my mother, was weak

This was the woman that raised me, that was was strong, now lying as if she is lifeless

I was angry

I was angry for a year at this...this disease that infested my mother's body

That climbed up the walls of her delicate organs and plagued them with weakness

My mother was no longer perfect in my eyes

Yet somehow this made her more beautiful

And damn was she indestructible

And now neither was I

Through my mother I have learned countless valuable lessons

I learned that there is nothing, nothing at all more powerful than power of womanhood, the power of love

But most of all the power of being vulnerable

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