The Last Moment
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misunderstood Stayin Alive
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A story of loneliness

The Last Moment

I watched glass fall from the sky

It looked as if it was raining liquid diamonds

It created rainbows

And colors danced around the room

The shards fell in slow motion

My eyes knew

It would be one of my last moments

And so everything was even more beautiful

I watched one piece of glass fall

Towards me

And strike me in the chest

I felt it sink deeper into my heart

And I froze

My body filled with so much pain

That I knew I was human just then

I tried to reach for the glass

But couldn’t

In that moment

I couldn’t save myself

My body went numb

But I could see and hear

The world moving around me

People walked past

As I screamed in agony

They didn’t stop for me

As I begged for help

No one noticed

That the glass had pierced my heart

That something so beautiful could destroy me

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