Georgia Peaches
Georgia Peaches heat stories

misunderstood Stayin Alive
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A day in bed based in a small town in Georgia

Georgia Peaches

The Georgia heat burns at the soles of my feet

My skin laps up my sweat like a dog’s tongue

I lay in bed next to you and intertwine my body into yours

I hold a peach over your mouth and watch as the liquid trickles down your face

Like a fountain with a leak, a little messed up but still beautiful

You pull me in closer to you and hold the peach to my mouth

My heart tenderly beats with the exhaust of a long day

The white sheets are soaked with the imprints of our bodies

And when I get up to pour myself a tall glass of water

My feet hit the floor and my head rolls back like a bowling ball

You moan and look at me just like you did the day we first met

Who knew that the heat we call purgatory

Could be so blessed with someone like you

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