7 Cool Commaful Writers
7 Cool Commaful Writers writers stories

misunderstood Stay resilient
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Shoutout to these guys

7 Cool Commaful Writers

@raincascade She breaks my teeny tiny heart every time she writes anything. She should really just change her username to imthebestfreakingwriterintheworld

@awkwardalien But really, who doesn't like someone with awesome pastel rainbow hair? Kit writes the nicest love poems that'll make you go "aw" even if you're a tough dude in a biker gang

@stuckinspace Incredibly relatable content. Also one time, Lou wrote a poem about a dog named Paul that will go down in Commaful history.

@sy This writer has the strangest yet coolest sense of humor. I'll read sy's stuff and then giggle in my room to myself. Let's face it, laughing alone in your room is weird but actually very satisfying

@lil_miss_millie I mean, her cover photo is a hedgehog waving. If that's not a good reason to follow her, I don't know what is.

@poopwarrior I fangirl everytime zainab likes anything of mine. Really just an all around fantastic writer with insanely creative ideas

@taylorwade This girl empowers the sh** out of me. Her piece "Me too" is my favorite I've seen on this website thus far.

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