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What is true love?

The Ultimate Love

by cattybird4

It starts with a test. A simple one, quick, and can change your life instantly.

The sound of the heartbeat is when it becomes real. There is joy, there is excitement, and there is fear.

Then there is the waiting. The waiting in the watching of the body changing of the mood swings and the cravings of food that are out of this planet.

And then all of a sudden it's time, time for a new life to be born. Time for a new beginning

Suddenly it happens. A love of something so small you never knew love could be this complete. Never knew love could be this full, perfect.

Now you have someone trusting in you loving you with stars in their eyes. Putting there small hand in yours. Trusting you completely with thier life.

There is no other love, then the love between a child and a parent. This is where every day is Valentine's Day.

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