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Love, can it really exceed the boundaries of life here on earth?

Love beyond limits

by mistyrathburn

The wind whistled as it violently gusts against the brave souls who trudged through the knee high snow on the side walk. The cold crisp air biting at fingers and faces of it victims, hoping to

Cause discomfort. A figure hunched over and wrapped up in a back wool coat, with a scarf over the head. The woman carefully shuffled as was custom everyday. Headed to the the grocery store to

Pick fresh items from . Today was important for her to make it as it was a special day. So the battle against the wind and snow were not going to keep her home.

Her face wrinkled, showed the years she put in, her small form hunched from the wind angrily trying to push her down. Sliding in the store with triumph in her smile and eyes, she shops.

She searches for the perfect items for dinner. Hands shaking with age she pays for the items. The clerk who knows her well, tells her to be careful going home. She agrees and goes outside agian.

That night the table is set for two. Candle in the middle of a small table and a small vase with a plastic rose that is brought out every year for this special day. She sits down at the table

After dishing up the plates. She sits. 60 years on this Valentines wedding anniversary, she always had a special meal for her true love. This year in the chair across from her sits his picture.

For she lost him last year due to a hit and run while he was taking his daily walk. The car didn't see him steping off the curb. Thier love so strong, she was not going to drown in sorrow.

She knew she would see him agian. Until then she was going to honor the love they had. Never forgeting all the weather the worked through together. Love really is worth it.

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