"Broken Wings" A poem By MistyPoppie
"Broken Wings"

A poem 

By MistyPoppie poetry stories
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I always wanted to fly so high Up in the clouds

"Broken Wings" A poem By MistyPoppie

I always wanted to fly so HIGH.

Up Up Up High in the clouds And I could reach the clouds.

The Zenith sky open as wide as the ocean it could be.

Like the free birds, As they fly around in flocks Wishing I could also be that too.

But how can I? I was deprived of my own freedom and never could fly This broken wings bounded me in a prison cell.

My wings seems bent and I'm wounded Already shattered into pieces of damn

How can I get of out the darkness? How can I let me in when I already shut them out? I know I need someone but someone who's there to listen and someone who is not afraid.

When the darkness already chewed me down Don't dare try to pursue You are giving me a false hope

I need a hand to hold on I need an ear to listen I need a pair of eyes to see I need a body to touch I need you to save me.

Needed Someone to lean upon, And to tell I'm hurt I'm sad. Always sad.

Guide me away from this place Get me away Away from hurtful sorrows

Of their greed and glutton.

I knew I could fly so high I knew it though they don't Approve

With these broken wings of mine, Make things change Is my only chance.

Prove to them what I can do Try to make a difference out of the blue Turning medown whe you don't even have a clue Of my life's misery and churn

Not to change my life but also To grant my desires and wishes to come true.

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