❝ One Last Goodbye❞
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I know from the very start You think you caught my heart

By Amapola Curayag

❝ One Last Goodbye❞

by MistyPoppie

I know from the very start You think you caught my heart

I would be glad if it's true and, that

Would matter no matter what.

I wasn't sure like a nervous wreck art

Like in the bible story of Noah's ark

An intended downfall on my faith

I'm already drowning beneath your wrath.

I reminisce from my past

And realized how times flies so fast

Have to reach this far at last

I hugged you and told you how I felt

Finally together in one piece, as one

A moment that would soon perish in a blink of an eye.

That moment was a happily ever after

I could never love someone like you

I could never unlock you hidden mysteries of the truth.

I thought we knew each other so well

How can it be that secrets couldn't abide by us anymore

A sickness from this affection outbursts

I decided to end despite I was being afflicted

This affinity no longer exists

Let's stop from ourselves from holding back

Believe me, no one will come back

After all these miserable years, we finally meet again

But I wasn't ready to look you in the eye.

Turned my head and walks the other side of the street

Telling my mind, we're no longer exists

You'd wish to make it easier, yet it's getting harder to grasp

Please stay out of my way,

Let me tell you about my final goodbye.

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