Becoming the Lawman - No.1
Becoming the Lawman - No.1 law-enforcement stories

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I'm from Kansas. The ever blowing wind pushes one to go on to bigger and better things around here and there are times where a person jumps on an opportunity to become that which they have always wanted to be.

Becoming the Lawman - No.1

I'm from Kansas.

The ever blowing wind pushes one to go on to bigger and better things around here and there are times where a person jumps on an opportunity to become that which they have always wanted to be.

You better believe it happened to me. This is the story of how I achieved becoming the lawman I always wanted to be.

Sometime in the middle of the year 2018 I got the chance to move to Atlanta, Georgia. I was in college at the time. My major was Crime Scene Investigation.

All I had wanted to do since I was a little boy was to become a police officer so, after I graduated high school, I sought after every job I could find that would strengthen my resume.

My thought was when the time came to apply for a law enforcement position, I would have the experience the agency was looking for.

When I got the offer to move to Atlanta, I thought it was an opportunity I couldn't pass up.

I could go there, become a cop, build up experience, and move back to Kansas as a mildly experienced officer of the law.

So I moved. It was exciting for me to think that I could execute this flawless plan of mine. It took three days to go from my home in the Sunflower State to my new found place in Marietta.

My parents wanted to help, of course. I originally wanted to get there in a matter of two days but we stopped in Nashville to do tourist things, which ultimately took an extra day.

I didn't mind in the end.

It was harder than I thought it was going to be to leave my parents at a Georgia hotel in the black of night knowing they'd be almost two thousand miles away come tomorrow.

I still get a little choked up when I think about that.

After they left, I was left to my own devices to get a job. I had always been able to get jobs in Kansas doing security and the like, but it proved a little more difficult in Georgia.

I started my quest by applying to the Cobb County Police Department. An important fact to remember is I did this in the month of June, 2018.

Not long after submitting my application, I got invited to complete their obstacle course. I was one of approximately fifty people who wanted the job.

It was difficult in some areas, but passable. I passed the course with thirty seconds to spare. This was a proud moment for someone who advertises their lack of athleticism.

Don't get me wrong; I can move when I want to I just usually choose not to.

After doing this, I was under the impression it wouldn't take too long to get word back from the department as to weather or not I got the job.

One of the officers running the course informed me it would take two weeks to run my background and schedule my interview. That was a lie.

I'm not saying the man was lying on purpose, but he definitely made me believe he was telling the truth.

We were told not to call the agency about our application after the course was complete.

After a month of waiting for a phone call, I didn't care. I started out by calling at least once a week. Every time I called I would be told I hadn't been taken out of the running yet.

When July rolled around me and the friend who had invited me to Georgia decided we had ought to get an apartment of our own.

When we moved to our new apartment my parents came to Atlanta to surprise me. It was so good to see them again, but it still hurt to see them leave.

At that point I wanted them to say, "Well, you tried," and take me with them. I would not have fought them.

Up to this point in my adventure, I had gotten a terrible job at the water park as a security guard, I was almost always broke and I was still waiting on that phone call.

That's right, I was a security guard at a well-known water park in Marietta. My hiring process was very promising, you see.

I had written my resume to reflect my wealth of knowledge in security work hoping it would get me a position above that of a beginner in the field. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

In all actuality, there were only a handful of "positions" a person could have as a security guard and they weren't actually separated by a rank of any sort.

If you were to do anything beyond checking bags at the gate you were simply chosen from the group to do it. And there was no guarantee it would be a permanent change either.

If you had been there long enough and had been chosen to do the other jobs on a regular basis then you might be able to say you did something other than check bags. I was not one of those.

In the end, I called the park and quit my job and only regretted not doing it sooner.

After quitting in August I found the job that would make me happiest. I became a music teacher. Not in a school where I had a big classroom full of students.

No, I worked as a lesson teacher at two Guitar Centers. One store in Marietta and one in Kennesaw.

I have been a musician for the majority of my life and it showed when I auditioned for the position.

I was still broke after working there for a few months, but I was more than happy to teach music to those who truly wanted to learn.

After working endlessly for Guitar Center I realized I had been calling Cobb County Police Department four of five times a week to no avail.

My friend turned roommate was paying rent almost entirely due to my lack of funds to pay him an adequate amount each time rent became due. I was sinking.

I knew my time in Georgia was coming to an end.

So, in October, I moved back to Kansas. I didn't know what I'd be doing there, but anything would have been better than what I was doing in Atlanta.

The week before I moved, however, I checked my voicemail. It was the Police Department.

I called them back as soon as I heard who it was. I was placed in a call with one of their recruiting officers who was asking if I wanted to set up an interview. It had been five months.

I respectfully told him I had to decline the offer since I had been waiting so long and had struggled so much. I don't think he understood the subliminal messages I was sending.

I left Marietta, Georgia on October 16th, 2018. It took me two days to get back home.

To be continued...

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