Maybes and You
Maybes and You  chocolate stories

misterjeyen Are you insane like me?
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Maybe, it was all an illusion made out of You.

Maybes and You

Maybe you never loved me the way that I should be love.

I let you touched me in every way I would never let anyone do those things to me.

I let your hands tainted my skin and wear those marks every single day for 2 years.

They said, "He didn't love you."

They said, "He's only using you."

They said, "Stop before he breaks your heart."

I asked for the truth and all I can see is a brown eyes filled with mysteries.

I asked for the answers but all I can feel is the hands beating down my soul into ruins.

You told me to open my heart and spill all my black ink to you

But your pen used all the ink to write sweet letters for somebody.

You told me never let the voices in my head to hold me from loving you

But you used your voice to destroy my ears from hearing the reality.

Maybe I am blinded that you'll love me more than I should've felt. Maybe my name don't mean anything to you.

Maybe the flowers that you gave me is just your definition of "I love you and it's a lie."

You taught me how to appreciate the taste of chocolate

But you used it to poison me and let those aftertaste choke me.

Maybe I am blinded that you'll love me more than I should've felt.

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