For The Last Time
For The Last Time sad stories

misterjeyen Are you insane like me?
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For the last time, be my muse. 🌹
For the last time, let me write something for you. Let me remember the times you denied your beauty. Let me pour the remaining ink on our last page.

For The Last Time

You drink vodka as your coffee; the bitterness that glides inside your body brings ecstasy to your mind. The stinging sensation that touches the holes in your broken soul reminds you that you're still alive.

You write poetry on your body; etches of the pain that you've been keeping away from your loved ones.

Blood is your ink and words are your wings. You put fragments of your soul in every line and the silkiness of them gives you the edge to fly and find your missing piece.

You like to praise others while you can't accept their compliments.

Your laugh sounds like a carefree 3 years-old girl; it is the imitation of cuteness.

You fight your demons even if they are too loud for you to hear the melodious sound of life.

You tends to overthink simple things until it stressed you out but you always survived a losing battle. But happiness is still a wonder to you.

For the last time, let me say... "I love you and good bye..."

Not as your ex-lover, but as your friend.

It's okay now, you can set another journey to find the true happiness. True happiness on another world.

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