The Game of LIFE
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A silly little story about an average guy with an average life who applies himself and becomes the LIFE of the party.

By: Christy Moore Winborn

The Game of LIFE

by Christy Moore Winborn

Henry was a kind kid growing up. He always seemed to get good grades. His teachers loved him and he never got into trouble.

As Henry got older he began to notice girls. They didn't really notice him, well unless they were making fun of his clothing or hair or glasses.

That is, except when he was helping them with homework.

Henry had a crush on a girl named Annie in her class and Annie was fairly smart but Henry noticed that she pretended to be less smart to fit in with the Devlin twins.

They were the most popular girls in the school. It was only because their father was a multi-millionaire. He owned half the city.

Annie was gorgeous and the Devlin twins were not yet everyone overlooked not only how unattractive they were but also their horrible personalities because of their financial status.

Henry realized that if he helped the twins with their work it would help Annie get into their good graces.

So he told them he would do all of their classwork if they would hang out with Annie so they did. This made Annie really happy.

Their prom was coming up and Henry wanted to ask Annie so he told the Devlin twins to help him ask her so being the rude, vile people they were they did however they did it in a flyer.


Henry was too embarrassed to ask her so she went with someone else. Henry left school and never returned.

His parents enrolled him into a special school for young engineers and he became extremely rich.

He found a younger wife re-visited for the re-union and realized the Devlin twin's father had gone bankrupt due to their careless spending.

They worked at the local DMV processing titles. Annie became a farmer's wife. That's life.

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