❁The Realm Of Flowers❁ Chapter One.
   ❁The Realm Of Flowers❁
                 Chapter One. stuffed animals stories

missuwufandomz Hi yall! Im Fandomz :3
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❁The Realm Of Flowers❁
part one :)

❁The Realm Of Flowers❁ Chapter One.

Spring starts soon and im so exited! Im Lisa, and I love flowers! I practically am a flower so~. Im a hybrid, A cow and a Sunflower.

Which is a uncommon kind, but there are still many Sunflower Cows. I have always wanted to travel the world, go see the human dimension, go half across the map.

I can list many things, but its to much to list. I love writing, one of the reasons I am here right now! I love to draw aswell. I can turn into a human form, which is how I draw and write.

I have long blond hair with a sunflower on top.

It is said that whomever travels to the Human Realm never returns, but they say the reason is cause they like it there! I have wanted to go all my life and my parent still wont let me.

I know someday I will find my way into the human realm, I just know it...

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