*Warning Explicit Language*
*Warning Explicit Language*

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missrebeccaann I earned a Ph.D. in misplacing car keys
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Some of my poems contain colorful language that may not be for everyone. If this offends you or you are under the age of 18 then please do not read any further, for even the titile has adult wording. I make no aplologies for the way I write, but I do want to be respectful and give people a bit of a "heads up", so to speak. Most of my poems are not for the faint of heart. Also, I hope you enjoy my poem If you do decide to take the jump and continue reading, have a marvelous day!

*Warning Explicit Language*


You’re a fat ugly bitch!”, he exclaimed. “I would not fuck you with his dick!”, he rang The moral of his message is this, unfuckable bitches aren’t shit.

So what is an unfuckable bitch to do? She swears she needs this man to see her through. “I know, I’ll transform!”, she cried, “I’ll become more sensual for this guy!”

She styled her hair, lost some weight, purchased clothes and cosmetics to seal her fate. “Do not change who you are” I told the unfuckable bitch. “You were always beautiful, just as now, it is a shame he could never see this”

The unfuckable bitch took a long hard look in the mirror, Gained some perspective and saw herself clearer. “Forget him If he never saw the beauty in me”, she said “I am not changing for him, I want to me be instead”

The unfuckable bitch found self worth that day. Acceptance made her beautiful, in a fuckable way.

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