Sweet Tooth Castle
Sweet Tooth Castle  poem stories

missrebeccaann I earned a Ph.D. in misplacing car keys
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My castle would not last a week, I would be 200 pounds over weight, diabetic and homeless.

Sweet Tooth Castle

A candy castle so tasty and sweet made out of the most delectable treats. Peppermint domes that swirl red and white, glisten and shine in the the glorious light.

Licorice steeples, to the sky they ascend. with Fruit Roll-Ups as flags flapping in the wind. The drawbridge is made of warm gingerbread, suspended by Twizzlers of cherry red.

Toffee and brittle are the bricks that make up the structure Painted with icing of contrasting colors. Frosting fastens the gumdrop shingles in place making the roof sparkle with crystallized sugar lace.

A lollipop wreath hangs on the chocolate bar door, whip cream and cherries top the decor. Jolly Ranchers are the windows that do reside. A rainbow tinted world can be viewed from inside.

The palace is surrounded by a gentle chocolate stream Where marshmallow peeps like to float on and dream.

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