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missrebeccaann I earned a Ph.D. in misplacing car keys
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Just know, you are going to get through this stronger than you were before. Seeds are planted during hurricanes that sprout gorgeous flowers. So, if you happen to be visiting Rock Bottom at the present time, take a deep breathe, learn something new about yourself and enjoy that rainbow crystal scenery, because that is your next destination. You belong with the rainbows because you are a rainbow!

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Rock Bottom

I was told Rock Bottom is a sad place. A land full of misery and disgrace. Rock Bottom wasn’t bad at all, I had quite a joyful ride taking that fall.

Lessons were learned in that enchanting city. It taught me how to be grateful and not to wallow in self pity. Everyone should visit Rock Bottom once or twice. It is a great reminder of how amazing it is to be alive.

The most dazzling sight can be found at Rock Bottom’s pit, just tilt your head up and you can see it. A beacon of light that will sting your eyes, rainbows that magically crystallize.

If you ever find yourself hitting Rock Bottom, take heed that this is not an unfixable problem. Do not let yourself become distraught. Observe the lessons that will be taught.

Learn from them and let yourself grow, to that beacon of light with the magnetic glow.

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