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“My mother used euphemisms about everything. She used to announce her visits to the gynaecologist by saying she was seeing someone about her problems with the down belows. Made her sound a bit like a cruise ship that had been beached.”
― Lily Morton, Risk Taker


Pap Smear

Annual preventive care for the female clam. Undress and saddle up modesty be damned. "Giddy up partner", in a thin paper robe. Fun times are coming by gynecologist’s probe.

Feet in stirrups with a wide spread. A Vaseline Rod is what’s ahead. Insertion with small talk is always a treat. while your ass is sticking to an examining sheet.

A pinch of the cervix it’s ready to smear. On a slide it will go to a lab that is near. Just when you think that it is the end. The jelly of KY starts to suspend.

The gyno was too generous with the slippery goo. But it’s time to get dressed the next patient is due. I’ll leave the office with slime up to here. A departing gift I get every year.

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