Oblivion For @kevenadams

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missrebeccaann I earned a Ph.D. in misplacing car keys
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A poem I wrote about my friend, @kevenadams. it was an honor, I hope you like it!

Image: Pink Floyd's album cover for Dark Side of the Moon

Oblivion For @kevenadams

Once upon a dark moon not so long ago, I went to see my other side, the place of lost shadows. The melancholy pushed me into another plane. A life transcending alter, I did not pass on in vain.

I ventured to the edge and that was close enough. It pushed me back to life before I could give up. Coming back to consciousness I was not the same. My train of thought had shifted, something in me changed.

Oblivion didn't scare me when I laid down at night. My future stopped controlling me when I turned off the lights.

So, when curiosity strikes you to venture your unknown, please proceed with caution, there's something you should know. Everything has a price and you will have to pay. It takes away a piece of you, a toll some would say.

I paid the worst of me but that might not be you. It could take away your best if you make your way back through.

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