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“Pardonnez-moi, monsieur. Je ne l’ai pas fait exprès”
― Marie Antoinette

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Marie Antoinette

Austrian princess taken from her home, stripped of everything that she ever known. Her mother arranged a political marriage, sending her to France with a horse and carriage

Off to Versailles to meet her destiny, To take the Dauphin's hand in matrimony. At the age of nineteen she was crowned queen, too young to reign, too clueless and naive.

A lonely queen by the name of Antoinette, also referred to as Madame Deficit. She spent money careless and haphazardly, while the people of France were starved and hungry.

Attending masked balls, donning lavish gowns. Flaunting her way through the Parisian crowds. The tax on grain to make bread was outlandish. The people of France were malnourished and ravenous.

"We are dying from hunger, please help us!" they pleaded. They felt forsaken, robbed and cheated. "Let them eat cake!" was the queen's supposed reply. Perched on her throne with hair ten feet high.

She paid no mind, she kept expending, Oblivious to what was really happening. The Desperate French started a revolution, holding her prisoner, creating their own constitution.

She was put on trial and the jury found her guilty. The sentence was death, the maximum penalty. Some say she was a victim of circumstance. A political pawn, she never stood a chance.

Her fate was met that day, with the guillotine, becoming another tragic figure of history.

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