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missrebeccaann I earned a Ph.D. in misplacing car keys
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A list of the 918 souls, gone but never forgotten. https://jonestown.sdsu.ed...

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Jonestown Inc.

A man stands behind a podium and microphone, words comes through speakers of static. His lips propel the stagnate tone, standing poised, confident and charismatic.

He holds conviction through his behavior, his speech are the people's gospel. He is the way, the truth, their savior, a modern day philosophical apostle.

Beneath the facade is a rotten marrow plate, a poison tongue with a malevolent purpose. Trepidation is a weapon that he demonstrates, revealed under the scratched surface.

A wolf that don's a sheep's skin, who has found a herd to operate. His malefic influence is about to begin, a crowd he will manipulate.

Kool-Aid is the key to the golden gates, he said it is the only way out. Tip the cup, take a sip, have a taste, expel all your fear and doubt.

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