Casting Couch Predator
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missrebeccaann I earned a Ph.D. in misplacing car keys
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“The highest mode of corruption is the abuse of power.”
― Auliq Ice


Casting Couch Predator

AND.....SCENE! Well done! Now, with your permission, I need to critique your acting audition. Sit beside me, on this tufted couch. We have a lot to discuss, a lot to talk about.

A diamond in the rough, is what I see. The silver screen is where you belong, where you need to be. I can polish the rough parts of your exterior. Compared to other actresses, you will be superior!

Don't be shy! Relax! Come closer! Let me help.... I'll massage your back, rub your shoulders....

Now, where was I..? Yes! You will win Oscars made of gold! The spotlight is yours to control! Everyone will know who you are! A household name! A shining star!

What's that? I make you uncomfortable?..What of propriety...? I just offered you a platform of wealth and notoriety! Who do you think you are!? Do you know who I am?! All of Hollywood is under my command!

Nothing is free, there is always a price! It is selfish of you to think otherwise! The buttons placed on your blouse will determine what I will allow.

A song that's been sung, the lyrics don't change. You must pay the piper for fortune and fame. I can make or break I do it all the time. I have movie producers waiting in line,

If you don't succumb to my desire, I will find another girl to hire. You will not be employeed it wil be such a shame. You'll become a pariah, with a soiled name.

The choice is your... you want to be a celebrity? It starts on this couch.. what's it going to be?

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