Birds Hunt
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The Birds are coming. They want me... T-They want my skin. Humans were no longer at the top of the food chain; The birds are.

Now they want our skin.

Birds Hunt

My heart accelerated as I heard the roaring sounds of engines.

They won't stop.

They won't leave me alone!

Mankind had been subjected to torture by a race that showed up in the night sky, eight years ago.

The Birds.

Overnight they evolved. They had the intelligence that surpassed mankind's.

It was unknown how they evolved that fast.. or why.

Apart from their newly evolved intelligence. A whole lot had changed. They were bigger, stronger..


Evolution at its highest peak.

The Birds enclosed theirselves in an unknown technology.

Even humans couldn't understand the mechanics and engineering behind their technology.

At first humans were, impressed with the sudden evolution of the Bird kind. We even made contact.

Little did we know, they had formed a society of their own. Following fashion trends.. For years they had been growing as an independent republic.

Although they had no thirst for humans. We were highly demanded by the newly evolved Birds; in shops and markets..

For our skins.

Now humans were on the run from them.

Yet they always seemed to find us.

The irony. They hunted us the selfish and wicked way we hunted them.. long in the past. For their feathers. Who knew birds could keep grudges. Especially with the human race.

They use human skins for; bags, hats... whatever they wanted.

We knew now how animals felt, when we hunted them to the verge of extinction. I just wish we could have respected them and let them fly.

They still chased me. Deep down I knew my time was up. Running, I tripped on a twig. The Birds took advantage of my fall and surrounded me with their machines.

My breath shortened as a Bird flew out of its machine, eyeing me with wickedness hinted in its glare.

It was beautiful. Feathers of different colors, with wide yellow beaks.

It flashed me a grin as it came closer, rubbing my skin. "What nice skin you have. Little girl you will make a fine hat."

I screamed at the top of my lungs, as a sharp spinning needle made its way to my head...

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