How I met him...
How I met him... reallife stories

misslovette Slytherin4theWin
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My shortish story on how I met @JonathanSparrow . I know it's a tad short, but I don't want all the disturbing graphics I saw there.

How I met him...

My dad came home, drunk as usual. I didn't know Johnny then, so I hid outside. My dad yelled for me: "Eithna Hermione Malfoy!" Why he named me that, and why my now dead mother agreed, I don't know.

I remembered a boy at school, we'll call him Percy for now, who told me if I had any troubles with my dad I could stop by his place. I hid behind the large chevy that stood outside the house, getting ready to run quietly, but quickly.

I took a deep breath, then ran. I ran and ran on the concrete, knowing that Dad's drunken gaze couldn't see someone dressed in black at night. I saw my school after a few minutes of running, he said he lived three blocks away from it.

I ran to his house, scared. What was dad going to do with me when I came home? Should I just say I was walking outside by my school and just now came home? I didn't know.

It didn't matter then. I just knocked on the door, looking up. The lights upstairs were on.

Percy opened the door after a minute or two, hiding something behind his back.

"Eni, what are you doing here?" He asked nervelessly.

"I need help."

He nodded, letting me inside. I stopped as he quickly turned so I couldn't see what he had behind his back.

"Eithna, you shouldn't have come." I turned my head to one side, confused. "Why's that?" He shook his head. "I'm sorry. Gang rules." He took me by my arm and led me upstairs.

I protested, but he kept a firm grip on my arm. He opened the door to the attic, four other boys were there. "Who's she?" One asked, standing. "Her name's Eithna, write it down as ENYA Draco Malfoy." Percy said, taking out a gun.

The others nodded, the first boy wrote my name down in a small book. I looked out the window as Percy threw me into the walkin closet. The window was small, but I could see enough. I finally opened it after a little struggle. Another boy from my school, named Jonathan, was walking past the house. I yelled for him to help.

I turned as one of the gang members dragged me out, taking out a roll of duct tape. He covered my mouth with it, then put me in a chair. He tied my hands together, then wrapped more of the tape around me to the chair. Percy heard a knock, then went downstairs. "Leave her until I get back." He ordered as he went down the stairs.

Percy came back, Jonathan was behind him with his gun at his back. "Let her go. I can drag you to my uncle's courthouse, then it's the stony lonesome for all you." Percy nodded. "Do as he says." Jonathan let him go, throwing him to the floor. "Robin Hood, this is Little Jon, come in. Over." An answer came quickly.

"This is Robin Hood. Find the Gang? Over." "Yes, Hood. Waiting for you to pick them up, over." "Alright, thanks Little Jon. We'll be there soon. Sorry for doubting you little bro. Over." Jon smiled. "Alright, over." ======================= It didn't take long for the police to come by and get Percy and his gang away. He turned to me after they were gone.

"Miss, what's your name?" "Eithna Malfoy." "Miss Malfoy, where is your family?" "Please don't make me go back to him." "Percy?" "No, Dad." "Why?" "He's drunk all the time, abuses me mentaly and sometimes beats me for no reason. " Jonathan nodded. "I won't make you go back."

I hugged him, even though I barely knew him. "Thank you." He hugged me back. "You can live with me, my sister Diane, and my big brother, Robert. You'll be safe there." "Thank you." I whispered, chocking on tears. "You're welcome. Now, let's get you there and we'll have you cleaned up. Diane could use a big sister of sorts when I'm busy." Jonathan said, smiling.

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