//Social Static // Chapter 1.1 //
//Social Static // Chapter 1.1 // new friends stories

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*READ INTRODUCTION FIRST* Oliver, two steps away from the end, stops mid-jump. Why?

//Social Static // Chapter 1.1 //

“Goodbye,” I whispered to myself. As I lifted my foot to walk off, a subtle noise distracted me. I turned around and saw my phone buzzing. I swore I silenced it, but oh well.

I waited for it to stop before continuing. I then turned back around out at the city.

“Let’s try this again…” I took a deep breath and decided to jump off instead of falling. I bent my knees and stared down at the ground below.

“Goodbye. And I really mean it this time.” I pushed up off of my feet just as I heard the buzz once more.

It startled me, and I ended up slipping off the railing; each leg falling on separate sides.

“OH MY FFFF-” I hugged the railing before trying to gently lower myself back onto the balcony. As much as I wanted this to happen, I don’t want to be in pain before it does.

I hobbled over to my phone to see who had caused my dilemma. It was a message on InstaFam; not something I usually get.

MykeHoward: “Hey, my name’s Myke. I know you don’t really know me, but I’d like you to.”

It was short and simple, but something about it was extremely comforting. I stared at the message for about a minute before deciding to respond.

0l1v3r: “Hey Myke, I’m Oliver. It’s nice for you to message me and all but I won’t really be able to do much responding.” MykeHoward: “lol wdym” 0l1v3r: “I gotta go.”

I placed my phone down and went to walk over to the balcony, still limping a tad.

Just as I reached the window, my phone went off again. I didn’t want to look at the message, but that’s the thing about phones, it’s too tempting not to.

MykeHoward: “No, wait. Please don’t go. I really want to talk to you. You seem like a really cool person.” 0l1v3r: “You’re probably the only one who thinks that, trust me.” MykeHoward: “Doubtful. Everybody thinks that about themselves. And even if I am, so what? One person is better than none.”

0l1v3r: “I don’t mean to be super negative or anything, but I’m a complete boring nobody. So, trust me, you don’t want to waste your time talking to me.” MykeHoward: “I can waste my time however I want to.” “That didn’t come out right…” ¨I’m not wasting my time talking to you. Give me a chance... :((¨

0l1v3r: “As appealing as that sounds, I’m sorry, but I can’t. I gotta go.”

Before I was even able to shut my phone off, he had responded.

MykeHoward: “why” 0l1v3r: “why what” MykeHoward: “why can’t you talk to me? why do you have to go so badly?” 0l1v3r: “It’s not important why, I just do.” MykeHoward: “Please tell me.”

I don’t know what it was, but something made me want to trust him. I want to just open up to him. I want to vent to him about my life and tell him everything.

Everything about how they make me feel. How they make me hurt, both inside and outside. My thoughts were interrupted by another buzz from my phone.

MykeHoward: “I can’t expect you to open up to me. I understand that, but if there is something going on, I may be able to help in some way. I want to help.”


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