Pressure underwater stories
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She´s drowning. Falling deeper with every second that passes. In her final moments, all she´s left with are the thoughts in her head, and somehow you can hear them...


It feels like I am drowning.

Somebody please help me.

It feels like I am endlessly falling.

Is this a dream?

If this is a dream, can somebody please wake me up?


Can you wake me up?

Yes, you.

You´re just sitting there, reading this and expecting my story to be entertaining?

I´m in pain.

Is that entertaining to you?

I´m lost, the least you could do is help.




You don´t want to help me do you...

You´d rather sit and watch me drown.

Cuz it´s only a story right? It isn´t real. I´m not real.

Well what if I was? Would you help me then?


I wouldn´t blame you if you wouldn´t.

If you aren´t going to help me...

will anyone?

Or am I just eternally stuck drowning?

Am I stuck having one sided conversations in my mind?


My lungs feel like they´re collapsing.

Do you know what that feels like?

I hope you don´t. It hurts.


I guess I should take the time I have left to say goodbye.

Not that I would need much time...

The only person I can really say goodbye to is you.

You´re the only one who can hear me.

You´re the only one who cares enough to listen this far.


With every second that passes... I feel more pressure.

It feels like it´s been hours, but in reality, it´s most likely to not even have been a minute.


I´m starting to feel nothing.


My head feels light.

It hurts so bad.

My body is aching as I sink lower.

Will anyone ever find my body?

Will anyone care enough to even search?

I want to scream, but all that comes out is a muffled sigh.

This is it. This is the end...


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