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missindiepoet a writer i guess :)
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a bittersweet, fruity dream filled with memories

fruity dreams

bananas are yellow. yellow reminds me of the happiness pouring from the smile on my face. the smile on your face. we were happy.

cherries are red. red reminds me of the fireworks we watched together. sitting in the back of your truck all cuddled up. together.

oranges are orange. orange reminds me of the fire we'd gather round to tell our stories. the fireplace we'd cuddle in front of on a cold night. we were warm.

blueberries are blue. blue reminds me of the sky we'd drive under. always on our way to a next destination. we traveled.

grapes are purple. purple reminds me of all the things we had in common. purple was our favorite color. we found comfort in similarities.

apples are green. green reminds me of the grass we would lay in. we'd have picnics and look up at the sky above. we had time.

blackberries are black. black reminds me of the night sky. we would watch from our backyard miles away from each other. we were apart, yet together.

strawberries are sweet. sweet reminds me of these memories. they almost feel like dreams. too good to be true.

lemons are sour. sour reminds me of the reality. knowing it's all gone, and what was us can only be viewed in memories. we loved eachother.

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