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I'm trying to calm myself.

I'm trying to fix my own mental health.

I constantly feel like I am battling life.

But I know, in the end, everything will be alright.

I take a step back and look at the bright.

The sun on a hot day. The stars on a cold night.

You. I think of you. I love you. Do you know that? I hope you know that.

I calm down, but not enough.

You tell me: "Keep going when the going gets tough"

I'll try. I promised you i'd try.

It's getting hard to try.

It's getting harder not to cry.

I take a step back and think of the bright.

Lemonade on a sunny day. Music when you've ran out of sight.

You. I think of you. Your smile gives me life. Do you know how much you help? I hope you do.

Dark and dreary, it feels almost endless.

But of course, there's you. You always know where the end is.

You taught me how to look at the bright.

Even when I want to reach for the light.

You thought me how to take a step back.

You. I think of you. You taught me how to love. Even when it felt like love was gone. Thank you.

Even when the events feel too bad.

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