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missfit101 Dabbles of an unsettled mind.
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On the death of my childhood best friend


That's all i could think about . All i could picture was sitting on soft golden sand, paralised . Neither hot nor cold, neither morning nor night . the sun is there but it's not shining as bright.

The first englufing wave that hit , felt like a slap to my face , the Waters ice fingernails gripping my heart. The news of your death, even though i saw it coming, the wave, i saw it From miles away, i thought i had time, i thought we had more time.

The second wave engulfed me , it baried me me under water, seeping into my nostreals my throat, my eyes, until i couldn't breath , until i forgot what breathing felt like . Getting dressed for your funeral .

The third wave , was unexpected , it came out of nowhere and hit harder , knoking me backwards under the shower, shocking on my words, the third wave hit hard . Day 3 after your passing , alone in my bed at 11:35pm.

The Fourth wave, came from bellow , fludding that golden sand , up my legs , my torso and into my lungs, the third wave came from the backdoor of my spine into my heart. No more you, yet more me. Sunday, in the shower at 3:30pm .

The fith wave , was a calm washing of water , drizzling onto me, covering me in tiny droplets of loss , droplets that weighted down my arms , my neck , my back, even my hair was still to the wind. Saturday night 8:05pm.

Your death, my grief , came in waves . I was stuck in the ups and downs of shore , relenting and forthcoming of you. Your death , came in waves , once that released me and caught me back up again. Waves i never wanted to loss, yet longed for their release . I am still paralised on that golden beach, you are still lased in my head and i don't think i ever want to leave that ocean of you.

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