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My girl is absolutely perfect for me. She is everything I could ever ask for, but good lord her feet are rank.

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What Love Is

And dear God, her feet stink. Not in the, ‘running at the gym all day,’ way. More in the, ‘Babe, you should see a doctor,’ way.

When she takes her shoes off at my front door, she leaves them outside because she’s too polite to wear shoes in someone else’s house, but self-aware enough to know that her shoes smell foul.

She takes her socks off as well. I can’t bring myself to tell her that she still smells like feet, even after removing all footwear. I have genuinely never smelled something as rank as her feet.

But I love her anyway. My girl is everything. She brings a light to my life so bright, that when she walks into my home, she’s practically glowing. Some would say she is ordinary.

Her hair is long, a little way past her shoulder, and brown. She likes to tie it back in a ponytail, because she likes to go on runs. Once in the morning, once in the evening.

Her eyes are also brown, nothing intense or bright. Just brown.

She is anything but ordinary. Her shimmering, downy soft hair perfectly compliments her mahogany colored eyes.

Her eyes are protected by long, jet black eyelashes that gently brush my face when we kiss. Her skin is soft, and smooth.

Her lips are slightly chapped, but I could caress, and kiss her for eternity. She dislikes her figure, thus her morning and afternoon runs, but I think she is gorgeous as she is.

She describes herself as a ‘chunky rectangle,’ and she may be right, but I can see the gentle curves in her hips and chest.

She fits perfectly in my arms when we embrace, and that is all I truly care about.

She is so confident, and outgoing it makes me wish I could be extroverted, just so that I could feel what she is feeling.

When she smiles, her eyes sparkle, and you can see the laughter, even if she isn’t laughing. When she does laugh though, it reminds me of church bells.

She has a surprisingly delicate laugh, and it makes my heart melt. She is so excitable, and passionate.

Once she gets excited about something she loves, she just keeps going, and I hear every single word.

My girl isn’t a model. She’s not an actress, and she’s not a singer. She isn’t anything inherently special to the eye, or even in personality, and Lord Almighty, her feet smell.

But I love my girl so much that I bought a ring, and I pray that she says yes.

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