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What is there to be done when you find yourself trapped, with no chance of surviving?

Date Written: Oct 18th 2017


Getting trapped on the road is a nightmare for everyone with a car. Traffic is an absolute hell, and someone always leaves hurt. It is a general bad time for everyone.

Getting trapped in a tunnel… That is a completely different story. No one knows you’re in there, no one can hear you screaming for help.

There is no phone service, and there are cars running, sucking up all of the oxygen.

The panicked nature across the room does not help either. There are at least three other cars trapped in the same tunnel.

One is a teenager and her mother. They were on their way home after the girl earned her driver’s license.

The other car is a widower and his three young children ranging from twelve to roughly six months.

The third car is the saddest one. No one can bare to look at them. A family of four, a mother, a father, a teenaged son, and a pre-teen daughter. All trapped in the rubble, dead, at the entrance of the tunnel.

The unasked question of the panicked group was how to escape. The rockslide blocked both entrances. The hearse nobody could bear to look at showed no way through.

The braver of the surviving group had gone to check if the car could be moved, and an entrance made. No luck.

The oxygen was thinning, the babies were growing less and less agitated, and the adults more and more panicked. By this point, all of the cars had been shut off.

The last of the flickering lights in the tunnel began to shut off, permanently. The living mother and daughter began to pick the rocks at the entrance.

The father and his twelve year old began to help. Across the room, the obvious fact was simply that no one would be getting out alive. They refused to die without an effort. Time was running out.

All able bodied people began picking the rocks out. The room began spinning, and heads began throbbing. The baby and toddler grew silent. They became frantic.

They got to a large rock, the biggest one. All three adults, the teenaged girl, and the twelve year old began to push the rock. With intense effort, the rock began to budge.

The twelve year old began to cough violently, his asthma was picking up. He fell, and was still. They pushed harder, a breeze and a whistling sound was faint. The room was getting darker. The teen girl crumpled onto the floor like a rag.

One more colossal push of the rock and the smaller rocks above fell loose, creating a significant hole in the wall blocking them from life.

With what little strength was left, the mother grabbed the teenaged girl, and twelve year old, the father ran for the babies, and the light of day came with a flash, then left with a foggy darkness, and a thud to the ground.

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