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“There’s a giant wave heading right for us! ”


“There’s a giant wave heading right for us!"

The men of the ship ran to their stations, some climbing up to the sails, others dashing across the deck to secure items that may fall in the event the wave hit them.

“Hurry men, it's coming right for us! No time for lazing, run!” The captain barked, as he wrestled with the helm, in a vain attempt to get away from the oncoming wave.

“Hurry!” The wave was on top of them now, and many men abandoned post out of pure fear.

The wave crashed into the boat and sweeping everything away like they were nothing, and the ship capsized.

Then Mother came in and pulled the plug to the tub.

“Awww, but Moommmm!” The little kid, holding the ship underwater protested.

“You’ve been in too long, you’re going to get all pruny, come get into your towel baby.”

“If I have tooo.” He flipped the ship back up, dumping all of the water out of it and placed all the little action figures back onto their ship.

And the crew rejoiced, rescued from a watery fate once again.

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