Too Late
Too Late couple fight stories

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"You're late."

Too Late

He stared at the bodies on the ground, at the girl covered in blood. Her eyes narrowed as she stood up.

“You’re late.” She said rather irate.

“I know, I’m sorry-”

“Mhm, nu-uh, nope! I’m not hearing it.” She turned around and started picking the bodies effortlessly off of the floor.

“C’mon honey-”

She whipped around, pointing a finger at him.

“Don’t you ‘honey’ me! We had this planned for two entire months! And you bail on me! What is that?!” She dropped the corpse she was holding, and it landed with a dull thud at his feet.

“You clean all this up. It took me eight hours. Eight hours! By myself! You clean it up, I’m not doing it, I swear! No, I am so, so done with this!”

She stormed off down the hallway and slammed the bathroom door behind her.

He sighed deeply and picked the body off of the floor and looked at it. He couldn’t help but smile weakly at the drippy bloody mess before him.

For a bunch of cheap display mannequins, she had done a really good job at making the scene look realistic.

He sighed and started to pick them up one by one. If only he had gotten home in time to see the party unfold.

After all, your daughter rarely turns thirteen, on a Friday the Thirteenth in October. He would have to apologize to her as well.

Oh well.

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