One and the Same
One and the Same unnerving stories

misscat1441 Just trying to make something of myself.
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No one is ever who they truly say they are. Is that a risk you are willing to take?

Date Written: Oct 7th 2017

One and the Same

The hitchhiker on the road was wearing a face mask. Maybe she was sick.

Sick wasn’t necessarily a problem, but it made things a bit more complicated. Especially if she had been to a hospital recently.

Nevertheless, she was the only person for miles. It was either her, or wait another month.

“Need a ride?” The woman looked up, and smiled. The corners of her mouth peeked through the mask, and her eyes squinted. She had a cute smile.

She didn’t say anything when she climbed into the car, but something about her sent chills down his spine. Something was different… No matter, she would do.

They had been driving at least an hour before she finally looked confused. Perhaps she realized that they weren’t going where she wanted.

Or she realized she never gave directions on where to go, which was weird in itself. No time to worry about it now though. They were almost at the barn.

The barn was a damp, dank place which gave a distinct smell of death. Not many people could smell it though. Not much longer.

“Follow me, I have something for you. Don’t worry, I live here.” There was no response. A tight sensation began to form in his chest. Fear? Something was off, but there was nothing different.

The crowbar was right inside the door. He just needed to get to it, and hit her. Then it would be over.

Something brushed against him when he opened the door, but he ignored it. The smooth metal felt heavy in his grasp for the first time in a decade. No issue though.

Whipping around to smash her in the head was the easy part.

Stopping mid swing to avoid her knife was a bit more difficult. Especially when staring at her pointed teeth…

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