"Through the Storm" By Miss Belle

"Through the Storm"

By Miss Belle land stories

missbelle poems give beauty to the unbeautiful
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you know those arguments that you manage to evaporate before any harm comes? yep...

"Through the Storm" By Miss Belle

The boat sways in the water Rough waves up ahead This is what I imagine As I lie alone in bed

A storm is brewing above Dark waters roll below The gentle sways are now rocks The wind has strengthened its blow

I close my eyes and wonder How will it all end I'd said a few words during the thunder And without thinking, hit send

He hasn't yet responded But the lightning has drawn near We had a steady ship to ride on But this storm has clenched me with fear

He opened my message minutes ago God only knows what he's thinking I can see a flash of light over the bow I suddenly am struck with the fear of sinking

In one desperate act I send an apology in exchange for sand Before he'd even responded The storm was over and we were safely on land

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