Selfish Air (Sardonic Elements: I)
Selfish Air

(Sardonic Elements: I) air stories

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Selfish Air (Sardonic Elements: I)

It's everywhere around us It plays with our hair Floating past love and hate Without the slightest care

It's there, I promise It might not be within your sight But it'll brush your warm skin in the summer And kiss your cold lips on your last night

It doesn't have any bit of love for us It is mighty selfish indeed It could fly your butterfly kite in the sky Or push your car off the icy road and whistle before you bleed

You take it in You breathe it out It both brings much-needed rain And causes drought

It has not the slightest shame It'll lay seeds into the ground Or it'll rock a boat on stormy waters Over and over until it drowns

It's plentiful in most your days But it'll only take a second to become a ghost Oh, it's the most elusive At the moments when you need it most

Three letters is all it is But it is at the beginning and end of every strife Air is both the first and the last thing That signifies your entire life

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