Scandalous Earth (Sardonic Elements: IV)
Scandalous Earth


(Sardonic Elements: IV) poem stories

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Scandalous Earth (Sardonic Elements: IV)

A solid surface for us to stand on A suitable area for plants to grow It is deemed to be responsible But it has a scandalous side, did you know?

Usually steady and slow to change As a foundation it usually does fairly well But sometimes it gets too excited It is to blame for some buildings that fell

You see, it gets rather bored Knowing the results, it aches to move It's excuse for an earthquake Is mistaking the whistling air for saying, "let's groove!"

It is what we build upon It is where we lie on our backs to see a sparkling star But when no plants hold the soil together It's anger is seen in the dust clouds that stretch far

It has internal problems Issues with temper that slowly escalates It'll get quite brutal with itself Childish in it's crashing of plates

Usually very put-together The earth has its moments Little movements on its part Greatly alter its many components

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