Sarcastic Fire (Sardonic Elements: III)
Sarcastic Fire

(Sardonic Elements: III) poetry stories

missbelle poems give beauty to the unbeautiful
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Sarcastic Fire (Sardonic Elements: III)

Lighting our way in the darkness Warming our bodies in the cold This element is quite magnificent So bright and so bold

Don't let that fool you It has sarcasm, you see When the building catches fire It pops and burns a dark melody

It'll cook our meals It'll boil water for our tea But be careful to keep it contained It's much a runner when it's set free

The flame is quite deceitful It's like a siren, you'll learn It'll draw you in with its beauty But laugh when you burn

It is useful in some cases Quite destructive in others It'll lighten a room from a fireplace As your TV shows the smoke at your mother's

Fire holds a fierce title It is interesting, indeed Maybe it'll cause your death... Or allow the germination of a seed

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