Sadistic Water (Sardonic Elements: II)
Sadistic Water

(Sardonic Elements: II) water stories

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Sadistic Water (Sardonic Elements: II)

This liquid is essential We must consume it to survive But while it keeps our bodies working It's often toying with those alive

It soothes a sore throat And washes away blood and dirt But this soft, gentle touch Is the same one that causes hurt

It looks inviting at a beach Cool to the sun's awful heat "Take a swim," it dares you "In my embrace, we shall meet"

But again, I must warn you It sure does wish to play When you are pulled beneath the waves Will your family remember that dreadful day?

Don't believe me yet? Let me remind you of a flood It'll destroy in its abundance Not all pain involves blood

It has another form One more solid and cold In the snow you may freeze It'll take both the young and the old

I only wish to inform you Water isn't to be messed with It's sadistic in it's deadly games See for yourself, it's no myth

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