"Once Upon a Time" By Miss Belle

"Once Upon a Time"

By Miss Belle boy friend stories

missbelle poems give beauty to the unbeautiful
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ain't it annoying how he always wants to tell ya what to do

"Once Upon a Time" By Miss Belle

Once upon a time I was the only boss of me But then he took one look And it was all he needed to see

He stepped into my life With a smile on his lips I knew I'd lost my control When he captivated me with a kiss

I used to be alone A nobody outside of family But he took my hand and showed me All that I could be

But while there are good things An awful pain, he is He always wants to inform me "What kind of stupid decision is this?"

I feel I've lost some power I've handed it off to him At least I have a caring friend When the night once again sets in

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