"Dear Sister" By Miss Belle

"Dear Sister"

By Miss Belle  sister stories
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missbelle poems give beauty to the unbeautiful
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a letter to dat annoying little sista

"Dear Sister" By Miss Belle

Dear Sister

Dear Sister.

Dear Sister..

Dear Sister...

Do you know how much I love you Even when we start to fight? Do you know how much I need you And miss you when you're not in sight?

You're a total pain, don't get me wrong You do the stupidest things But when you're not here with me I get so excited when the phone rings

Yeah yeah, I do ignore you Sometimes you're just not funny You annoy me so much You bring clouds over my sunny

But you could hurt me a thousand times You could cause problems every day I'd forgive you again and again I'd do it just to hear you say...

"I miss when we were younger And we'd play out under the sun I miss all those stupid fights When we forgot why we let our mouths run"

Now, I have myself some brothers I've got multiple sisters too I know it's wrong to have a favorite (But girl, it's always been you)

Love, Your Amazingly Awesome Older Sister

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