"Brothers" By Miss Belle


By Miss Belle brothers stories

missbelle poems give beauty to the unbeautiful
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We all need a brother in life.

"Brothers" By Miss Belle

Brothers are trouble They sure test your trust While you love them dearly In a storm, they're the strongest gust

He's always there when you need him But he won't hesitate to borrow He won't ask before he takes Things will just disappear until tomorrow

And when the dishes add up You know who to blame He says he'll do it later But later is just more of the same

He loves to share his knowledge Random things you don't care at all about But when you try to share your own He'll get bored and walk right out

He's the sweetest boy you'll meet But he'll hate you for no reason One day you're his best friend The next, it's as if you committed treason

He'll help you when you need it He loves you so much But don't be surprised When it's your anger he wants to touch

I guess boys are always boys No matter how old They'll enrage you like no other But a brother is precious as gold

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