How could you?
How could you? fights stories

missadragic *not ur avg 21old*
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when rainbows turn into thunders and sun turns into rain - i regret not being able to understand it deeper

How could you?

When all I do is offer all I have.

Even if that means I won’t have any. For you it’s all worth it. Or so I foolishly thought.

It’s called “unconditional” love.

Words which meaning you never really got.

Words which for you, sadly, stayed words.

And you like it. You are proud about it. It’s disgusting.

Unable to see the meaning of any of it, you remain king in your comfort zone. Oh and how you love it.

To think the man sleeping next to me night after night is the same one I met that cold, drunk night.

Now I guess only loneliness and confusion have their place.

Where did we go wrong babe?

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