Poem? For the Unpoetic
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miss_muse English major drop-out.
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A poem that I wrote, when I was on my lunch break. Not going to lie it was like a stream of consciousness.

Poem? For the Unpoetic

Whiskey Kisses

are sweet like

a summer’s day

but bitter like

spoiled milk that


on the lips

swallow hard like sugar

sugar gumdrop

was what you called me

said I was easy but

not easy like butter that coats your tongue

but easy like the breeze that lingers

on the fingertips of a long

forgotten song.

Played on the guitar you promised to throw away

kept hidden in the attic with the memories

of what used to be

a front porch swinging gleefully

as we watch the rain fall you called

The summer rain

sweet like whiskey kisses.

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