I love Her but she loves Him
I love Her but she loves Him love heartbroken marriage prooasal ending best friend stories

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When he loved her so much but she chose his best friend

I love Her but she loves Him

I love her, but more than that I need her to be happy. I can't make her happy but he can. Suddenly my phone started vibrating. Without wasting any second I picked it up.

"Kevin, she said Yes"

I lost everything. She said yes, not for me, for him.

I gripped the phone tightly and forced a smile,

"Collins, man we gotta celebrate. I'll meet you at 9"

"see ya"

The phone fell from my hands. I stated to get hold of the arm of the chair but before I could get it I fell.

"Kevin what's wrong?"

"Mom she has said yes"

She didn't tell anything. Her silence told that she knew what it meant. I lost her. She will never be mine. I clutched my mom like a little boy.

I didn't have to force, the tears kept flowing from my eyes.

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