Thrown Out of Heaven Part 9
Thrown Out of Heaven

Part 9 thrown out of heaven stories

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Thrown Out of Heaven Part 9

Chapter 9

I stand in the doorway, gawking. Kat’s smile drops and she asks, “Did you not want me to” I quickly snap out of my shock and reassure her, “N-no! I’m just shocked that you’re here!” Kat grins again and says, “I threw a party after you received the boot so I could come down here too.” I smirk, “They really need to change their punishment procedure. People might take

advantage. Anyway, you staying anywhere?” Kat shakes her head, “I wonder if I can stay” I laugh, “You’re more than welcome!” and motion her in. I shut the door behind her and inform, “You can sleep on the extra mattress. Although I use it for tutoring, I can wash it every night.” Kat nods and thanks me.

We get up around 7 and we take a bus to the mental ward. Drew and Rory are having a party with Luna, Nico, Blair, and Micheal at the mental ward so Lilith could “come” too. They were celebrating Lilith’s birthday, I think. We enter in and Lilith sees us, She screams, “Kat?! What are you doing here?!” and runs toward us, but slams into the glass wall.

hey guys! i’ve recently downloaded Gacha Life, and uhm...

i kind of created an OC?

it kind of looks like me. i mean realistic and similar, i just don’t own a beret or have bear ears.

and i don’t have dyed hair, my hair is completely dark brown.

other than that, it looks like me.

on the other hand though,

kim also created her OC...


and uhm.

and uhm..

and uhm...

we both said that we’d make our OC’s realistic, and not over the top. but obviously, you see what happened.

anyway. see you in the next post!

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